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Web development

We can provide frontend development using React.js, Nextjs and backend development using Nodejs and Django.

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Mobile development

We create applications for IOS and Android platforms using different languages such as Flutter, ReactNative.

Why us

We Build your Dreams

We analyze your business to design a website which increases conversion rates and produces positive results.

Reliable and Efficienct

We work very hard to decrease downtime and increase efficiency

Latest Technologies

We use cutting edge technologies. To make sure that you website is up to date with the industry standards.

We Care About You

We analyze your business to design a website which increases conversion rates and produces positive results.

Glimpse of our recent work

Barkulan Hub Website



Co-working space with nurturing community.

Barkulan Hub Website



Waapo is humanitarian organization empowering women.

Barkulan Hub Website


Mindset Delivery

Mindset program designed to shift your mindset to set you up for the life you want.

Our process

Understanding01We study your business to identify areas of need and come up with strategy to help you the best.DesigningWe design a solution tailored to your business. Provide you with Mockups of how UX will be.0203DevelopmentWe use latest technologies to make the development process easier and faster.04QATo make your project bug free we use combination of TDD and manual testing.05DeliveryWe delivery your project with in the agreed time frame. 06SupportWe provide support after completion of your project.

What our customers say

Ahmed Omer

CEO at BarkulanHub

For a long time we have been struggling to create a website for our growing community at BarkulanHub, Most of the questions we were getting involved the normal day to day operations at Barkulan, the services we offer, and how members can register. Thanks to Teckave team they solved all of pain points. Now we have an aesthetically please site with all the information needed plus a blog, where we share a lot of our stories. I strongly recommend their service to all who need a well designed professional website without a lengthy process.

Abdalla Mohamed

Director of Waapo

Creating a website for WAAPO operation program has been a struggle for us. The overwhelming of the queries we were receiving concerned WAAPO daily operations, the services we provide, and how members can register.

The Teckave team was very vital in resolving all of these issues. We now have a perfect website that includes all the information you need, as well as a blog where we discuss our experiences. They are a great resource for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to have a high-quality, professional website up and running.

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